The Filigree Garden

About the shop

…filigree – “An intricate, delicate, or fanciful ornamentation.” (The Free Dictionary)

The Filigree Garden has had an online presence since 2007, selling at well-known venues such as Etsy, Artfire, and 1000 Markets. While the website is in development, please enjoy a selection of Filigree’s designs by visiting the Portfolio.

About the artist

Olivia, designer behind The Filigree Garden, has always had a connection to color, texture, and intricate designs as far back as she can remember. She spent many childhood hours in the company of her favorite toys: a rainbow of crayons, colored pencils, artist’s papers, beads and bits of fabric. Soon a little camera and a child’s typewriter joined her as beloved playmates, allowing her to develop her passions of writing and photography.

Olivia’s deep love of nature is expressed through her artistic interests as she creates jewelry, experiments with different fiber and textile crafts, and sews clothing accessories and decorative items for the home. Her work often employs images and patterns of the flowers, birds, and other plants and animals she sees in her own gardens. Olivia also finds inspiration in the decorative art forms of cultures throughout history, which reflects back to her college background in anthropology and archaeology. The jewelry she now offers through The Filigree Garden collection combines this appreciation for the beauty and romance of historical design forms with her passion for nature, blending vintage and repurposed pieces with new elements and findings.

In keeping with a desire to give new life to the past and to be kind to the Earth,  some of her creations may feature beads, chain or charms rescued from broken or forgotten jewelry, or vintage treasures salvaged from the shelves of old stockrooms. New findings, such as earwires, will always be lead and nickel safe.

Her unique, heirloom-style pieces are created on a limited edition basis in her home studio in Massachusetts.

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